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About us & Rights

Naphegy (Sun-hill) Publishing was established in 2006 with the mission to provide quality children’s books, and to become a publisher for parents who wish their kids to grow into open minded and curious adults. To that end, Naphegy started with successful books from abroad and sought out talented young Hungarian writers and illustrators to develop a new range of books together. Today, we provide books for an ever wider audience, including kindergarteners and elementary school-age children as well.

Quality in both form and content was always the most important factor, and that hasn’t changed when Naphegy joined Kossuth Publishing Group in 2014.

Naphegy was the recipient of the prestigious IBBY – Children’s Publisher of the Year Award in 2006, and our books have received numerous other prices before and since.


Naphegy publishes books for three distinct age groups. For ages two and above, we provide fine and colourfully illustrated books; the titles for 4+ kids are there to develop their reading skills, while the titles for ages 6+ are helping children in familiarising themselves with the world of letters. We are working on several series, but also provide a careful selection of singe volume titles as well.



1043 Budapest, Bocskai utca 26., Hungary

Phone: (+36-1) 888-9150



Contact person

Katalin Gyovai